Guided Korean Grammar Course

This is a guided Korean grammar course with 45+ lectures starting with the Korean alphabet, with explanations of pronunciation basics, then going into Korean grammar basics, eventually getting to intermediate level grammar, and ending with Korean honorifics and nuances necessary to make sense of Korean conversations. Check out the course promo video for more. 

Start Speaking Korean Course

This is an awesome course for those who want to get comfortable SPEAKING Korean right from the start. No paper, pencils or studying necessity. Just sit back, follow along and learn. That's it! Everyone from complete beginners to those who have studied a while but don't feel comfortable actually speaking Korean yet will LOVE this course. Seriously, you will. Everyone else has. Check out the reviews!

Perfect Korean Pronunciation Course

Have you been learning Korean for a while but don't feel like your pronunciation reflects your level? Pronunciation is very important in Korean because most Korean's are used to only hearing native speakers. This course will dive deep into how everything works in a fun and accessible way. No crazy linguistics words - real, understandable explanations by yours truly. Check out the reviews!