Reading Korean and the Written Language

Spoken Korean and written Korean are incredibly different. The sentence form and the vocabulary used in an average newspaper article are quite far from each other. So when it comes to practicing your Korean reading skills, be very clear what your goals are in doing so.

Children's books are also a good place to start. The vocabulary is simple enough and you don't get bogged down by pages full of words right off the bat! You can either buy some or download some free ones here! Note: The books at the listed link may appear in English by default, but you can change the language with one of the menu buttons on the website. 

If you want to read to pick up vocabulary and useful expressions, check out comics (often called Webtoons). These are hugely poplar in Korea and can help you to learn about pop culture, history, and real life from a Korean's perspective. While others are totally fantasy! Note: Most of the vocabulary in these will be at the intermediate - advanced level. So, if you are a beginner, just do your best to use the pictures to understand and pull expressions or vocabulary out that you either want to know or feel like you can use.